All individuals and/or entities named on the Grant Deed of your condominium unit are considered Owners. Upon acquisition of a condominium, Homeowners’ Dues (monthly regular assessments) will be levied on the residential unit. These dues are for all common area maintenance, including but not limited to landscaping, roads, pool maintenance and security. Annual Homeowners’ Dues are currently $10,380.00, billed monthly at $865.00.


The Resident Social Membership entitles Members to use the Clubhouse, Tennis and Fitness Facilities; attend social events; and receive a member discount at the Pro Shops when using your Club Account.

Each Owner (up to a maximum of four Owners per condominium) must become a Resident Social Member by executing a Resident Social Membership Agreement and paying basic dues (except in the case of ownership by a husband and wife or an unmarried Owner and his/her Cohabitant, where the two persons are considered as a single Owner/Resident Social Member). Children and/or stepchildren under the age of 25 who live at home or attend college may also enjoy membership privileges.

When a partnership, limited partnership, trust, Limited Liability Company, corporation, or other form of business entity purchases a unit, that entity must designate at least one individual or couple to be the designated Resident Social Member.

Subject to existing fee schedules, as well as other limitations contained within the governing documents, guest cards may be issued to Immediate Family Members of an Owner (defined as parents, children, grandchildren and their spouses). Bona fide renters of a unit may obtain Tenant cards for food and beverage privileges. They may use the Tennis and Fitness Facilities according to the current fees. If the Member has a Golf Membership, the Guest or Tenant may play golf subject to existing fee schedules, as well as other limitations contained within the governing documents, and only if the Owner is in good standing. Annual Resident Social Membership Dues are currently $2,400.00, billed monthly at $200.00


HOMEOWNERS’ DUES:RESIDENTIAL SOCIAL MEMBERSHIP DUES: FOOD AND BEVERAGE MINIMUM CHARGE: Each Resident Social Member shall have a Food and Beverage Minimum Charge as established from time to time by resolution of the Board of Directors. The Minimum Charge is applied to food and beverage charges made on Club accounts (excluding tax and gratuity) year round. Any unused portion of the Minimum Charge will be billed on your June 30th statement. For your convenience, the unused portion is shown on your statement each month. The annual Food and Beverage Minimum Charge is currently $1,000.00 to be used in any of the Food & Beverage venues between July 1st and June 30th.


The rights and duties of each Resident Social Member related to the Clubhouse, Tennis, and Fitness Facilities are detailed in the Resident Social Membership Agreement, the Restated Declaration of Establishment of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (“CC&Rs”), the Bylaws, the Rules and Regulations and other governing documents, which each Owner should receive upon acquisition of his/her unit.

With each Resident Social Membership, a Member is granted the right to use and enjoy the Country Club, Tennis, Fitness, and all Food & Beverage Facilities. Owners may elect to pay additional fees for golf playing privileges. The fees for a Golf Membership are based on our fiscal year of July 1st to June 30th. Fees are billed monthly and are prorated for new Members. Within thirty (30) days of the close of escrow on the purchase of a condominium, a new Member must elect whether or not to pay for golf playing privileges during that year. Each Resident Social Member must decide on or before the fifteenth day of July of each year thereafter whether or not to renew their golf membership.


Designated Golf Resident Social Members (“Designated Golf Members”) are allowed unlimited golf playing privileges, and are allowed to use the driving range and all practice areas at no charge. There are no additional green fees above the golf dues. Lessons from the Golf Pros are available, and the Designated Golf Members should contact the Pros directly for available times and rates. Golf Members may also join the Men’s or Ladies’ Golf Associations. The Assistant Pro is also available to help Designated Golf Members with their questions. Golf playing privileges are limited to *two (2) Resident Social Members per condominium; this includes children (under 25) of the Residential Social Members. *Measure A was approved (to increase from 1 to 2 on May 17, 2012 under the Seventh Amendment to the CC&Rs. In the case of ownership by a husband and wife or an unmarried Owner and his/her Cohabitant, the two persons are considered a single Owner/Resident Social Member. Annual Designated Golf Resident Membership Dues are currently $5,520.00, billed monthly at $480.00.


Each Resident Social Member is afforded unlimited tennis playing privileges for his/her annual dues. A tennis ball machine is available at no cost to Members for practicing. Lessons are available from the Professionals and the Member should contact them for available times and rates.


Upon close of escrow, an Owner becomes a Resident Social Member. Each and every Resident Social Member must sign a Membership Agreement.